The laboratory facilities include employees with higher education in chemistry. Thanks to our own well-equipped laboratory, we perform a number of analyzes and tests to determine the properties of plastics. We work on Zwick Roell machines.

The laboratory offers, among others: preparing shapes for testing and performing a series of tests on the properties of materials

Physicochemical properties

  • Determination of the density of plastics - in accordance with the ISO 1183 standard
  • Determination of ash content (filler content) – in accordance with the standard
    ISO 3451
  • Determination of the melt flow rate index - in accordance with the ISO 1133 standard

Flammability of plastics

  • Testing of the flammability class of the material - in accordance with the UL 94 standard


Compounding and injection services

  • Services are provided in the production of granulates from entrusted material
  • Production of regranulates modified with various additives, including: nanoadditives, mineral fillers, dyes, modifiers
  • Injection service of test fittings
  • Injection service on an entrusted mold

Cennik-badan-laboratoryj-tworzyw-sznych.pdf">Cennik laboratory tests

Mechanical properties of plastics

  • Determination of mechanical properties in static tension (tensile strength, modulus of elasticity in tension, relative elongation in tension) - testing in accordance with the ISO 527 standard
  • Determination of yield strength - in accordance with ISO 527
  • Determination of stress at break - according to ISO 527
  • Determination of impact strength with and without Charpy notches - in accordance with ISO 179.

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