What is compounding?

Compounding is the production of modified plastics, the final product of which is granulate, which is a composite composed of dosed ingredients. The offer is addressed to plastics processors who are looking for an alternative to the existing, not always individually tailored offer on the plastics market.

Excellent quality

Thanks to constant laboratory control, we ensure a desired and homogeneous batch of modified material.

Compounding reduces your production costs without reducing the quality of products by replacing single-component materials with carefully selected raw materials, creating a cheaper product of excellent quality.

The advantage is also the ability to obtain materials with a full range of desired properties, such as impact strength, flexibility, stiffness and resistance to microorganisms or UV.

We adapt the composition of materials with the desired mechanical, physical and chemical properties to the special and individual requirements of the client.

Our offer

Our company's offer includes:

  • Production of modified colored plastic based on dyes and pigments.
  • Production of plastic composites with fillers:talc, chalk, silica, wood flour (WPC), barium sulphate.
  • Compounding by modifying the properties of materials using:flame retardants, UV stabilizers, thermal stabilization, plasticizers, nanoadditives.

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